Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!

Here we are on New Year's Eve for our annual "Last Sunset of the Year" photo. For those of you that don't know some of our peculiar habits, we have been marking the last day like this for many years. We began our little end of year tradition while living in California. We would go down to the beach and write the year in the sand and take a few photos. We captured some beautiful sunsets on film! It became a special way to cap the year for us. When we moved to Oklahoma in 2007, we modified our ritual by adding a small sign since there was not a sandy beach at the lake we drove to. Now, here we are in Canada, and the nearest body of water to us is the murky Thames River that flows through Chatham. It was a very cloudy evening; hence, no colourful sunset. Ocean, lake, or river; cloudy or clear, we like marking our years this way together. Blessing & Prayers for the New Year to all our family & friends!

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