Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beach Day

It's been very hot lately, so we decided to put on our swimsuits, pack a picnic lunch, our folding chairs, and drive over to Lake Huron.  We took the scenic route along the St. Clair River and enjoyed looking at the pretty beach cottages, boats, and docks.  We found a nice spot to settle in for a couple of hours in Canatera Park in Sarnia.  We enjoyed watching the young families, older people with dogs, and the many sailboats off shore.  We had to do the "subway fold" while reading our newspapers because of the brisk breeze.  Young Poplar trees are migrating onto the beach from the nearby woods and provide a bit of a wind break and some shade.  Last time we were at Huron, it was a calm day.  The waves and currents were too strong for us to navigate on this day, but the big kids and young adults seemed okay with it.

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