Sunday, July 1, 2012

Canada Day

This is our first Canada Day in our little home.  We were in Canada at this time last year, but were still quite dazed from the big move.  One year later, we feel very at home here in Canada, and gratefully so.  Thanks be to God for all our family here, and for all our new friends and neighbours.
     We got the idea to put out our American flag and Dutch flag along with our Canadian flag from the neighbours across the street.  The wife of one couple was born in Germany, so she and her husband hung a German flag and a Canadian flag on their porch.  Next door to them, the husband is British and his wife Canadian, so they hung a Union Jack and the Maple Leaf.  Martin was born in Holland, me in the U.S.A, and now this is our home.  It's nice to share our heritage with one another and also appreciate what we have in common as citizens of the world.

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