Saturday, January 26, 2013

Physical Therapy

It's been a month since I fell on the street and broke  my arm, near my shoulder.  The orthopedic Doctor took me out of the sling last week, studied my CT scan, and said surgery is not necessary! He prescribed physical therapy  for the next three weeks, when he will x-ray the arm and pronounce me healed, I hope.  The PT is quite painful (now I know why Audrey calls them "physical terrorists"!) but my range of motion increases daily.  I've never had this type of injury before, and did not realize what's involved in living with pain and a handicap.  It's been a very humbling and enlightening experience.  The exercise in the photo was impossible for me to do a few days ago;  all I could do was lay on the floor and cry.  Now I can do it well, without any tears.  Progress!  I'm amazed at the way God has made our bodies to heal so well after they are damaged.

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