Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hidden Treasure

When we bought our lovely home, we were told it had hardwood floors. We even had a peek beneath a flap of carpet in the hall. Our original plan was to immediately take up all the old carpets before moving in. After looking at the situation more closely, we discovered 50 yr.old foam carpet padding quite adhered to the flooring. We had to ponder that dilemma before taking action. Finally, we came up with a plan. Cut away 2 feet of carpet and start scraping, using wooden spatulas followed by scotch-brite pads and lots of muscle. The task seemed daunting but we persevered. One week later we have a beautiful oak floor in our bedroom.


Charlene said...

Wow! What a pain staking transformation. You will have a treasurer. Miss you. I will send you more on the changes with the Altar Society (Yeah!). Love, Charlene

Anonymous said...

Extraordinary! Gorgeous! what a lot of hard work...and it payed off big.

Mark said...

Wow, that IS a great buried treasure. did you have to re-finish? Or just clean it off?